Character Recommendations Based on Ray

Ned Pushing Daisies

Kind, warm, and gifted with an all-powerful touch

O-Ren Ishii Kill Bill vol. 1

Don't ask her questions unless you're fine with losing a limb

Alfred Pennyworth Gotham

Lethal, but loyal. Just the sort of butler you'd want in dangerous Gotham

Arthur Merlin

Beneath Arthur's brash, spoiled demeanor lurks the heart of a compassionate future king

Aaron Hotchner Criminal Minds

He's dead serious about avenging dead people

Deadshot Suicide Squad

This master marksman may be a villain, but his motives aren't quite as selfish as they seem

Alex Dunphy Modern Family

An overachiever in every sense of the word, Alex's self-reliant intelligence comes with a healthy dash of sarcasm

Mal Reynolds Firefly

A rebel and a damn fine space captain

Jessica Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit

She's not bad, she's just drawn that way

Anger Inside Out

A cantankerous hothead whose job is to get others riled up