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In Bruges

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Living… in London. Ray is a city dweller through and through, and is proud of have been born and raised in Dublin before moving to an even larger metropolis.

Visiting... Bruges, a quaint medieval town in Belgium. Ray knows he's going to hate it before he arrives. And lo and behold, he hates it. He is there with his older associate Ken, waiting for a phone call from their boss Harry. To Ray's utter disbelief, they could have to wait as long as two weeks for the call. They kill time exploring the town and seeing the sights, much to Ray's chagrin. Ken calls Ray "the worst tourist in the whole world."

Profession… hit man. Ray was actually recently given his first job – killing a priest. Unfortunately things got out of control when his bullets punched through the confessional and killed a 12 year old altar boy outside. Ray’s boss, Harry, ordered Ray to head to Bruges with his partner Ken and lay low until they get further orders.

Interests… drinking, mostly. Ray has always loved to party. But now that he’s killed a little boy, getting drunk has transformed from mindless fun to a coping mechanism.

Relationship Status… single. Prior to coming to Bruges Ray “hasn’t had a shag in months.” He doesn’t expect to find many beautiful women in Bruges, but much to his surprise he runs into Chloe – an almost ethereal beauty who sells drugs and robs tourists. That might dissuade most men, but Ray isn’t one to judge. He soon finds himself falling for her.

Challenge… dealing with his guilt. Ray is haunted by the fact that he killed a little boy. He can’t sleep, can’t eat, and continually wrestles with the question of whether or not he should kill himself. He’s desperately looking for a reason to keep on living – but Bruges doesn’t seem to be a place he’s likely to find it. 

Personality… irreverent, rude, and chatty. Ray has absolutely no filter between his brain and mouth and will spout off with an insulting opinion at a moment’s notice. He manages to offend just about everyone he comes across – whether they’re the American tourists he called elephants or the Canadian he mocked out of principle. He’s a foul-mouthed assassin, but he isn’t all bad. He’s trying to find a way to forgive himself for killing that little boy – but increasingly he’s beginning to think that the only answer might be a bullet to his head.

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