Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky

    To all The Boys I've Loved Before
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Charlottesville, Virginia. Peter lives with his mother and brother, Owen.

Living... in Charlottesville, Virginia. He loves his mother very dearly and resents his father for the divorce, as well as his dad's subsequent neglect.

Profession... high school student. Peter is part of the popular crowd, a lacrosse player who all the girls think is super attractive.

Interests... lacrosse and figuring out how to woo Lara Jean while respecting her boundaries.

Relationship Status... complicated. He decides to enter a fake relationship with Lara Jean after she tackle-kisses him, because he wants to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. However, things change over the duration of their "fake" relationship...

Challenge... coming to terms with his developing feelings for Lara Jean.

Personality... charming and sweet. He's confident but not arrogantly so, and gets along well with most people. He's an overall good guy. When he first meets Lara Jean to address the letter he received, he tries to turn her down gently. Peter also treats his relationships seriously and once he realizes his emotions for Lara Jean, pays attention to her, asks questions, and even writes down little notes. Peter also tries to spend time with Lara Jean's family and drives her little sister, Kitty, to school.


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