Kate Beckett

Kate Beckett

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in New York City, where she attended Stuyvesant High School.

Living… by herself, still in New York. Her mother is dead, her father lives elsewhere, and she has no siblings.

Profession… NYPD homicide detective. She was inspired to become a detective by the unsolved murder of her mother. Her job is made much more frustrating when the mayor of New York tells her she has to let Richard Castle ride along with her. Castle is a famous mystery novel writer, looking for inspiration for his next series of novels.

Interests… police work. Beckett is very focused on her work, and doesn’t have much of a social life outside of it. She would like to be able to solve the murder of her mother, but knows that focusing on that case would destroy her mental health so she’s given up on it. However, she’s also a bit of a geek – she likes mystery novels, comic books, and obscure sci-fi television. Though she’d rather Castle not know that she reads mysteries – especially his mysteries.

Relationship Status… single, and not nearly as much of a socialite as Castle. She’s initially irritated by Castle’s presence, but eventually she starts to warm up to him. If nothing else, he’s easy on the eyes.

Challenge…. solving murder cases for the NYPD. She meets Castle when he’s brought in to consult on a case where the murders appear to be copied straight from his books.

Personality… professional and buttoned-up. She likes to build airtight cases. Beckett is often irritated by Castle’s childishness and “hunch” method of investigating cases, despite the fact that (or maybe because) she’s a fan of his books. However, she appreciates his ability to think outside of the box, because she dislikes detectives who “pigeon-hole” cases. Beckett likes to keep her personal life and past a mystery, or at least very separate from her work life. But Castle’s presence threatens to turn that upside down.


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