Character Recommendations Based on Hades

Fred Weasley Harry Potter Series

Constantly getting up to trouble with his twin George

Donna Noble Doctor Who

Sassy, smart, and stricken with unquenchable wanderlust

Javert Les Miserables

An inspector with a single-minded focus: To bring criminals to justice

Esmeralda The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Her street wisdom is unparalleled

Stephen Strange Doctor Strange

A surgeon with a confidence problem. In that he's too confident

Jillian Holtzmann Ghostbusters (2016)

Holtzmann’s madcap mind is always whirring and she’ll transform anything into one of her machines

Morticia Addams The Addams Family

Shadow-loving matriarch with a bone-dry wit

Beast/Hank McCoy X-Men Series

The quintessential nerdy scientist but with a few rather unconventional physical attributes

Rogue X-Men Series

Insecure about her isolating powers, but spirited and determined nevertheless

Amethyst Steven Universe

Reckless, outgoing, and always ready for fun