Kim Possible

Kim Possible

    Kim Possible
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… your basic average girl... or not. Kimberly Ann Possible might look like an ordinary teenager, but she's already skilled in espionage, armed combat, and 16 different types of martial arts. 

Living... in Middleton, your basic average American town. Currently, the Possible family consists of a rocket scientist father, a brain surgeon mother, a pair of genius 10-year-olds, and a teenage daughter who moonlights as a superheroine. Compare that with their next-door neighbors, the Stoppables. Ron Stoppable might be Kim's best friend and her sidekick, but he finds waking up for school a challenge.

Profession… student, freelance hero, and occasional mall worker. She might be a world-famous superheroine, but the Possibles still insist their daughter earn pocket money the old-fashioned way.

Interests… cheerleading, fashion, and saving the world from evil megalomaniacs. You know, normal girl stuff.

Relationship Status… single, though not for lack of options. Between her intelligence, confidence, and beauty, Kim has plenty of admirers. Most, however, are too intimidated to approach her. As Kim puts it, "Boys? Dating? Oh, it's hard."

Challenge… saving the world. The missions Kim are sent on are many and diverse, but a high percentage of them are caused by Dr. Drakken, an evil scientist who used to work with her father. With the help of Ron, Wade (a 10-year-old computer genius), and Rufus (Ron's pet naked mole rat), Kim usually finds it possible to stop Dr. Drakken and Shego, his right hand.

Personality… intelligent, driven, and responsible. The self-described result of "what happens when a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon reproduce," Kim is confident, but also a bit of a perfectionist. But while her competitiveness and high standards make her occasionally insufferable, most of the time, Kim is a friendly, kind girl who helps anyone she sees in trouble.


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