The Child

The Child

    The Mandalorian

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... as a 50-year-old baby. The child’s species has an extremely long lifespan, causing them to age very slowly. He might look like a baby, but it makes you wonder how all the wrinkles got there. 

Profession... in the custody of The Mandalorian, a bounty hunter. After taken by The Mandalorian, The Child has no choice but to follow him around everywhere he goes. He is a baby after all.

Interests... exploring the galaxy. Traveling on The Mandalorian’s ship, he loves to catch small creatures on the different planets they visit. The Child also enjoys playing with the various devices on the dashboard of the ship, much to the dismay of the Mandalorian.

Challenge... wanting more freedom. But The Mandalorian is fiercely protective and won’t let The Child do anything on his own. The Child sometimes rebels by getting out of its crib to explore new parts of the ship. 

Personality... curious, caring, and adventurous. The Child is extremely curious about the fast-changing world around him. Even though The Child can’t yet verbalize his thoughts, it is clear that he is beginning to care about The Mandalorian and wants no harm to befall him.


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