Character Recommendations Based on Phillip "Pip" Pirrip

Jaime Lannister Game of Thrones

Legendary warrior with a complicated relationship to the truth. Revered and reviled in equal measure

Aria Montgomery Pretty Little Liars

Beautiful and artistic, Aria follows her own path

Remy Ratatouille

Paris's best cook is also a rat

Juliet Capulet Romeo & Juliet

There's only one man for her, no matter what her family says

Petyr Baelish Game of Thrones

His main assets? A sharp mind, deep pockets, and no scruples

Susanna Kaysen Girl, Interrupted

Aspiring writer, despairing young woman who struggles with suicidal thoughts

Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony

A studious princess who's fascinated by friendship

Matt Flamhaff 13 Going on 30

He's not too concerned about being part of the popular crowd. Too bad his best friend is

Cosette Les Miserables

A sheltered young woman with big questions about her past

Zoe Benson American Horror Story: Coven

She may seem like a shy girl-next-door, but Zoe has the inner fortitude of a powerful witch leader