Mikey Waters
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Mikey Waters

My Own Private Idaho

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About Him

Grew Up... without a normal dad or even a dog. His Mom left them right after he was born. He's determined to find her one day.

Living... nowhere. But that's ok with him. As he explains, "I suppose that a lot of kids like me think that they have no home, that home is a place where you have a mom and a dad. But home can be any place that you want."

Profession... hustler. He does what he can to make money. But he'd rather sell his body than rob anybody. He thinks it's less risky.

Interests... spending time with Scott, another hustler. The first time he met Scott, he had a feeling he was a sort of comic book hero. He was always saying the right thing at the right moment, and standing up for him when there was no reason to. Mikey finds it is surprising Scott is on the streets with him because he comes from a rich Portland family. After all, Scott's the only kid that Mikey ever met that had a swimming pool.

Relationship Status... doomed. Mikey has fallen in love with Scott. But Scott says two guys can't love each other. They can only be friends. So he will take what he can get.

Challenge... finding his mother and dealing with his narcolepsy. Sometimes he'll be in one place, and he will close his eyes and wake up somewhere completely different. Most of the time, people just think he's passed out from drinking too much. On top of this, he’s trying to track down his mother, who has recently gone to Italy.

Personality... romantic, and surprisingly optimistic given everything he has faced. As he says, "Sometimes I had thought that God had not smiled on me and had given me a bum deal. And other times, I had thought that God had smiled on me."

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