Character Recommendations Based on Tevye

Gabriella Montez High School Musical

She's smart, a little shy, and a darling of the stage

Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim

An everyday earthworm turned intergalactic hero

Heihachi Mishima Tekken

Don't let his old age fool you, Heihachi is a ruthless pragmatist who values self-reliance above all else

John Egbert Homestuck

This off-beat dork is funny, inventive, and endlessly optimistic

Maria von Trapp The Sound of Music

Her spirit is too free for the abbey to contain

Soos Ramirez Gravity Falls

Loving doofus man-child

Matilda Wormwood Matilda

A girl so smart, she taught herself how to be psychic

Mary Poppins Mary Poppins

This singing nanny is practically perfect in every way

Bob Belcher Bob's Burgers

Obsessed with spaghetti westerns, anthropomorphizing things, his own terrible jokes, and his family

Beast Beauty and the Beast

Grumpy, furry, and lovably awkward