Character Recommendations Based on Hushpuppy

Max Fischer Rushmore

President of every club who's fighting to save Latin at school and kiss his teacher

Jackie Brown Jackie Brown

Not your everyday flight attendant

Annie Hall Annie Hall

Flighty, cool style icon

Celie Johnson The Color Purple

Though life tries to break her down, Celie always finds the quiet strength to keep going

Mason Boyhood

Good-natured, sensitive, and introspective, Mason is on a lifelong path to finding himself

Kathy Never Let Me Go

A natural caretaker who strives to find hope in even the darkest of times

Marge Gunderson Fargo

Marge embodies the very best of the American Midwest. She's kind, friendly, and fiercely honest

Eli Let the Right One In

Willing to do whatever it take to protect herself – forever

Robbie Turner Atonement

The humble son of a servant, surrounded by aristocrats

Riggan Thomson Birdman

A washed-up movie star running from his inner demons. Alas those inner demons look just like the superhero he used to play