Max Fischer

Max Fischer

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in a modest house with his father. He never brings any of his friends from his exclusive prep school there because he told everyone his Dad is a successful surgeon, when in reality Max’s father is a barber.

Profession... high school student at Rushmore. Although he is bright, he is on academic probation because of his terrible grades. He needs to improve his GPA if he is going to get into Oxford – or even Harvard, his safety school.

Interests... extracurricular activities. He runs many of the clubs he founded at the school: karate, fencing, French, and beekeeping, to name a few. And the drama club he started, the Max Fischer Players, is putting on a lavish stage production of Serpico.

Relationship Status... in the throes of unrequited love. He has a huge crush on a young widow named Rosemary Cross, a first grade teacher at Rushmore. They have so much in common, including admiring Jacques Cousteau, the sea explorer. Since Max knows that she likes the sea, he plans to win her over by leading a fundraising campaign for a new school aquarium. And he found a potential donor: Herman Blume, a steel tycoon, who took a shine to the precocious and independent Max.

Challenge... getting Ms. Cross to love him. Failing that, getting revenge on whoever she does love. When Max’s friend Herman begins a relationship with Ms. Cross, Max pulls out all the stops as he seeks retribution on his oldest and only friend.

Personality... bold and optimistic. Max wants to do everything in the world, and doesn’t seem to acknowledge that this may not be possible. He has a lot of dreams, and goes after all of them. He can be a bit all over the place, but his enthusiasm is something to admire.


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