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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Growing Up… before our very eyes. Year by year, we see Mason in the different environments his life takes him, whether it be with his single mother Olivia and sister Samantha, or with a step-family, or in Houston while his mother attends college. Each home brings its own milestones and memories, along with its own crises. Like most children, Mason goes wherever grown-ups take him, and his living situation is a matter of circumstance and chance.

Profession… student. Mason is an intellectually curious child from the beginning, valuing school while independently maintaining his own interests. It’s a time of few responsibilities, where he can gaze at clouds or collect rocks, just to pass the time. Truly, he’s a son first – to his mother, who raises him in a strict but loving way; and his father, who wants to connect but never seems to stick around for long.

Interests… photography. Mason has always been a fan of the arts, but photography seems to be the thing that sticks. As he grows older, he experiments with pot and alcohol, but mainly out of social interest. He likes both classic and contemporary rock. He enjoys camping trips with his dad and late-night hang-outs with his friends. 

Relationship Status… moving at its own pace. As Mason becomes a teenager, he starts to get attention from girls and eventually reciprocates. He’ll probably never forget the cringe-inducing talk his father gave him and his sister about using contraception, which might be something of a mixed blessing.

Challenge… coming of age. Mason goes through all the trials of boyhood – abandonment, attachment, acting out and discipline, the hardships of adolescence, the growing pains of young adulthood – and somewhere in the midst of all these disparate events, a fully formed human begins to emerge. Mason hasn’t had the easiest life or the healthiest of family trees but he’s always kept a good head on his shoulders. Whether it’s a situation he doesn’t understand, or one he can’t help, Mason learns that, like his parents, he’ll have to make sense of it all as it happens.  

Personality… good-natured, sensitive, and introspective. Mason’s strict and somewhat lonely childhood lead him to escape from an early age – whether through a daydream, someone else’s art or his own. He’s a forgiving, compassionate child, always giving adults the benefit of the doubt, regardless of whether or not they deserve it. Faced with a world that can be harsh and all too real, he finds solace and escape in art. 


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