Character Recommendations Based on Silas Botwin

Wade Wilson / Deadpool Deadpool

Everybody's favorite merc with a mouth. That's "mercenary" for the less hip

Kylo Ren Star Wars Series

Darth Vader fanboy with an anger problem

Prince Zuko Avatar: The Last Airbender

Obsessed with regaining his honor

Allison Reynolds The Breakfast Club

The basket case. She's got problems at home and feels like an outcast

Luke Skywalker Star Wars Series

The rebellion's great hope to defeat Darth Vader and the Empire, but is he up to it?

Suzy Bishop Moonrise Kingdom

She's only 12, but her withering stare and withdrawn personality are enough to make anyone wilt

Rick Sanchez Rick and Morty

Gruff, alcoholic mad scientist, with the emphasis on "mad"

Seth Superbad

Short-tempered, crude, and terrible at school, but hopefully nothing an epic party can't fix

Abed Nadir Community

If only real life were as easy to understand as pop culture

Dale Cooper Twin Peaks

Suit-and-tie professional meets head-in-the-clouds mystic