Character Recommendations Based on Cordell Walker

Maria von Trapp The Sound of Music

Her spirit is too free for the abbey to contain

The Man in Black The Princess Bride

Nothing inspires dread like the mysterious, masked Man in Black. But what's he hiding?

Christian Grey Fifty Shades of Grey

Just as controlling in the bedroom as the boardroom

Hawkeye Pierce M*A*S*H

Devil-may-care Army doc who'd have the Devil laughing and drinking in five minutes flat

Vivian Ward Pretty Woman

A no-nonsense working girl with fairy-tale dreams

Annie Walker Bridesmaids

The frustrated maid of dishonor at her best friend's wedding

Torrance Shipman Bring It On

This is not a democracy. It's a cheerocracy

Lucy Ricardo I Love Lucy

The irrepressible Lucy's never met a challenge she couldn’t scheme her way into or out of

Jareth the Goblin King Labyrinth

Arrogant, mischievous, and manipulative, Jareth is both a playful romantic and a formidable foe

Mr. Spock Star Trek

The ultimate man of logic. Or, more specifically, half-man and half-Vulcan