Cordell Walker
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Cordell Walker

Walker, Texas Ranger

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About Him

Overview... stopping the bad guys and helping the innocent with the Texas Rangers. Walker’s past as a Vietnam veteran, his martial arts expertise, and his Wild West code of honor help him in a rough and tumble line of work. But fighting isn’t his only job. Walker often is a moral role model, and for a guy who spends a lot of his time going after criminals, he’s pretty good with kids.

Personality... level-headed, with a strong sense of justice. Walker was raised by his Native American paternal uncle, and he subscribes to many of the values his uncle taught him – he’s not careless with the value of human life, and he understands that the cycle of life is difficult to predict. But he also leads the life of a modern-day Wild West sheriff, so he’s not averse to some bad-assery. Or a lot of bad-assery. Unerring in his morals and compassionate to his friends, Walker is the epitome of heroic law enforcement.

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