Christian Grey

Christian Grey

    Fifty Shades of Grey

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Detroit. Christian doesn’t like to talk about it, and whatever happened during that part of his past still gives him nightmares. At some point, he was adopted by the wealthy Grey family, and moved to Seattle with them.

Living… in Seattle, in a gorgeous multi-million dollar penthouse. It has a grand piano, a helicopter pad, and a dungeon. That, of course, Christian had custom-built. After all, how is he supposed to practice as a dominant without a properly-equipped dungeon?

Profession… businessman. Christian is the owner of Grey Holdings Enterprises, Inc. Whatever that involves, it makes him a cool $100,000 an hour.

Interests… piano-playing and helicopter-flying. One of the reasons he has the penthouse is so he can fly his helicopter, which he nicknamed Charlie Tango. He is also a concert pianist, a skill he uses to communicate his romantic feelings to his new lover, Ana.

Relationship Status… complicated. Christian doesn’t usually date. Not that he’s a prude — he just prefers to keep his relationships strictly BDSM, even going so far as to give his subs contracts stipulating their expected behavior. But when he met Ana, he knew he wanted to be with her, even though she wasn’t into BDSM and seemed scared of trying. Now that he has met Ana, can he balance his dominant desires with desire to be with her? 

Challenge… his past and neuroses. Christian might as well come with a warning label that reads "Beware: Severe Issues That Might Warrant a Trip to Dr. Phil." His early childhood really took a toll on him, and he’s still dealing with the emotional repercussions as an adult. 

Personality… confident, aggressive, and domineering. Christian is used to always being in control. When he was younger, he couldn’t control his temper, but now he keeps it locked in an iron fist, using BDSM to channel his anger productively. But the source of that anger remains a deep vulnerability for him, and inside the intimidating dominant is a broken person.


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