Mr. Spock

Mr. Spock

    Star Trek
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on the planet Vulcan. Spock was born in the city of Shi’Kahr to his human mother Amanda Grayson and his Vulcan father Sarek. At a young age, Spock enrolled in the Vulcan Science Academy, hoping to join the Starfleet someday.

Living... on the USS Enterprise. Along with his Captain James T. Kirk and the rest of his crew, Spock is in the midst of a five-year mission exploring the final frontier and “boldly going where no man has gone before.”

Profession... first officer and science specialist of the USS Enterprise. Spock’s Vulcan heritage leads him to suppress his emotions and let logic lead his life. This is especially helpful in his role as advisor to Captain Kirk, who has a tendency to dive into situations without thinking them through.

Interests… music, poetry, and chess. Though he prides himself on objectivity, he has a true love of maybe the most subjective thing possible – art. He is fascinated by the beauty in music and poetry. He also loves playing three-dimensional chess with Kirk and trying to make sense of his Captain’s unpredictable gameplay strategies.

Relationship Status... complicated. Spock has not had many successful relationships, but was telepathically bonded to another Vulcan, T’Pring, when he was a child. He has been brought back to her on his home planet during his pon farr, a hormonal change that causes Vulcans to become violent until they mate. But what will he do when she forces him to fight Kirk to the death for the right to marry her?

Challenge... protecting the innocents of the universe, while keeping the members of the USS Enterprise from harm. Spock and his team are tasked with exploring uncharted worlds, often meeting unexpected dangers.

Personality... calm, logical, and stoic. Although Dr. McCoy would say Spock doesn’t have a personality and is cold and distant, Spock has a deep capacity for compassion through his ability to mind-meld. Mind-melding is a Vulcan power that allows Spock to share thoughts and memories with others. His level-headedness makes him an ideal leader and support to his passionate friends, but Kirk and McCoy’s emotional tendencies often put them at odds with the cooler-headed Spock. In fact, this is also similar to the internal struggle Spock feels in reconciling his human and Vulcan heritage. Needless to say, he’s a complicated man.


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