Character Recommendations Based on Mike Ross

Merida Brave

Sometimes a girl has to be her own hero

Clara Oswald Doctor Who

Small in stature with a big appetite for adventure

Ben Wyatt Parks and Recreation

Serious, work-oriented, and very sweet

Rocket Raccoon Guardians of the Galaxy

A get rich or die tryin' kind of raccoon

Sly Cooper Sly Cooper

A sarcastic thief with a heart of gold

Amy Santiago Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This type-A goody-two-shoes is eager to succeed and even more eager to please

Claire Underwood House of Cards

Scary intimidating, and she knows it

Dustin Henderson Stranger Things

Geeky but confident. And he knows how compasses work

Bellatrix Lestrange Harry Potter Series

Sadistic, violent, and ruthless, Bellatrix only finds joy in making others suffer

John Reese Person of Interest

Highly-skilled but disillusioned, ex-military man Reese bets it all on a chance to redeem himself