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Grew Up… without much. Mike’s parents died in a car crash when he was 11 and his grandmother, Edith Ross, raised him. Edith didn’t feel up to the job, but out of her love for Mike stuck with it anyway. Now Mike takes care of her, paying for her expensive living costs and visiting regularly. His grandmother remains one of the great motivating forces in Mike’s life.

Living… by himself in New York. After recently ending a long-time friendship with Trevor, his best friend through middle and high school, after a drug-dealing escapade gone wrong, Mike runs the risk of being a little lonely in his solitary, humble living situation.

Profession… lawyer. After a chance meeting with Harvey Specter, senior partner at Pearson Hardman, Mike is hired as an attorney at the law firm – despite not having either a college or law degree. Mike had been making his living as a bike messenger and by taking the LSAT exam for others for money. For someone with an eidetic (photographic) memory, the latter was easy money, but alas not enough cash to pay for Edith’s private nursing home. Now working in a different high-stakes environment, Mike has to find his way around the firm with no one to show him the ropes. His supposed mentor Harvey certainly won’t.

Interests… weed and fast food. He’s extremely bright, but likes to dim that brightness, so to speak. Although Mike can afford a few new hobbies with an attorney’s salary, his pleasures remain relatively simple.

Relationship Status… single, with prospects. There has always been energy between Mike and Jenny, the girlfriend of his friend (now ex-friend) Trevor. Starting out at Pearson Hardman, Mike quickly found chemistry with Rachel Zane, a paralegal at the firm.

Challenge… taking care of the most important person in his life, his grandmother, and to find others to place his trust in. In an often sordid legal business of dirty dealings and political intrigue, Mike’s challenge is to hold onto his bearings and not lose his moral compass.

Personality… extremely clever – both in test-taking and the street-smart senses. Mike can be a rogue, but is more compassionate than his boss-slash-colleague, Harvey. Mike has character, yet can still match Harvey comeback for comeback. When Harvey tells Mike, “You were right,” Mike responds, “I know. About what?”

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