Character Recommendations Based on Manny Delgado

Li Shang Mulan

He'll make a man out of you

Linda Belcher Bob's Burgers

Devoted mom and wife who loves singing, small talk, and booze

Brittany Pierce Glee

This childlike space cadet has a surprisingly open-minded spirit

Harvey Dent / Two-Face The Dark Knight

Both a noble district attorney and a psychopathic villain, Harvey Dent proves some men really can have it all

D.J. Tanner Full House

Rebellious teen who wishes her lame dad would butt out of her personal life

Velma Kelly Chicago

She'll do anything to get the limelight back

Claire Temple Daredevil

Dedicated nurse providing secret care to New York's vigilantes

Jesse Swanson Pitch Perfect

This charming acapella performer perfectly blends being nerdy with being cool

Stephanie Tanner Full House

A sarcastic and nosy tomboy who's understandably not crazy about being the middle child

Raj Koothrappali The Big Bang Theory

Astrophysicist who sees stars when he feebly tries to chat up women