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Kelly Kapoor

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Living… in Scranton, Pa. As an Indian-American raised in suburbia, she had a wildly different upbringing than her much more traditional parents, the product of an arranged marriage. Kelly often feigns interest about her heritage and religion to the amusement of her co-workers.

Profession… customer service representative at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. But really she’s paid to be the office gossip. Not only does she distract herself with trivialities, she distracts the people around her. Sitting next to her is like cozying up to a ticking time bomb. Her cubemates can only last so long until they ask for a seat change, quit, and/or move to another state.

Interests… boys, dating, and gossip of all kinds. She has the interests of a 14-year-old girl and she has zero shame or self-awareness about it. She’s like a walking, talking copy of Us magazine. Some of her other interests include Beyonce, pink (the color), Pink (the singer), hot dogs, snow cones, and “basically, anything that is awesome.”

Relationship Status… always ready to mingle. Kelly has picked up most of her relationship expectations from Hollywood romantic comedies and is open about her desire to get married and pregnant as soon as possible.

Challenge… stirring the pot at the workplace, either by starting an office romance or outing one. Kelly is the kind of employee who somehow knows everyone else’s salary, and shares that information with you whether or not you want it. 

Personality… bubbly and clueless. Kelly is always happy to provide needed distractions to anyone who’ll listen. We love Kelly because she loves who she is, and her lack of desire to be anything other than that should serve as an example to all the busy bodies of the world to embrace the trivial, give in to the pleasures of water cooler gossip, and consider starting some of their own. Part of Kelly’s charm is that you can’t help feeling like a bad person for hating her. Kelly almost always means well, and her social gaffes are nowhere near as destructive as her boss Michael’s.

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