Character Recommendations Based on Boyd Crowder

Rhett Butler Gone with the Wind

The black sheep of his family who grew up to have charm and to see things as they are

Karen Walker Will & Grace

Socialite looking to avoid work, keep a constant buzz, and be as snarky as possible

Hans Landa Inglourious Basterds

Sadistic and self-serving, but so smart that you'd never realize it until it's too late

Hope van Dyne Ant-Man

Brilliant scientist, fearsome, and daughter of a pair of superheroes

Driver Drive

This thrill-seeking driver lives by a very particular moral code. He stands by his word and he’s loyal to a fault

Cosmo Kramer Seinfeld

Eccentric schemer whom you might know better as the "ASSMAN"

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars

Sarcastic private eye whose biggest mission is surviving high school

Amy March Little Women

Blending her naturally artistic spirit with a sense of practicality

Frank Reynolds It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Too gross even for the prostitutes he hires

David Wooderson Dazed and Confused

All right, all right, all right!