Character Recommendations Based on Michaela Pratt

Chandler Bing Friends

Could he BE any funnier?

Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games

An inadvertent revolutionary with a prickly personality and an innate desire to help people

Phoebe Buffay Friends

Singer, masseuse, and free spirit

Sam Winchester Supernatural

Smart and sensitive Sam tried to escape the family business, but ghosts have a way of haunting you

Wolverine X-Men Series

Hot-blooded Canadian with an adamantium skeleton who's the best at what he does, bub

Hazel Lancaster The Fault in Our Stars

Intelligent and compassionate, Hazel would rather face things, even bad things, than sugarcoat the truth

Barry Allen / The Flash The Flash

Nerd, forensics expert… and superhero?

Augustus Waters The Fault in Our Stars

Charming and confident, Gus lives in fear of never leaving a lasting mark on the world

Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy

A trained assassin who is finally ready to use her skills for the greater good

Regina George Mean Girls

She's teen royalty. And anything the queen bee says, goes