Michaela Pratt
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Michaela Pratt

How to Get Away with Murder

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Grew up… with adoptive parents, a fact that sometimes comes in handy when dealing with witnesses and suspects. Still, she doesn’t love to share her private life with others if she can avoid it.

Living… near the Middleton University campus, where she’s an ambitious law student, more than prepared to take her rightful position at top of her class.

Profession… one of the Keating Five, though it might as well just be the Keating One, if you ask her.She plans to be the best and impress Annalise Keating the most, and she pities the person who gets in her way.

Relationship Status… engaged to Aiden Walker, a wealthy future politician with an overbearing mother who Michaela desperately wants to impress. Though their professional paths to success have been keeping Michaela and Aiden apart, they’re doing well, and as far as she knows, she has no reason not to trust him. 

Challenge… winning Annalise Keating’s coveted trophy. It’s about prestige just as much as grades, though staying at the top of the class is important to Michaela, too. Sure, she made it into Keating & Associates’ prestigious internship, but it’s a bit more difficult than Michaela expected to investigate ongoing murder cases and study for torts. 

Personality… sophisticated, studious, and totally Type A. Michaela has always been the best student in every class she’s been in, and there’s no reason that should change in Criminal Law 100. She’s not easily distracted, and as far as she’s concerned, she’s the best, sharpest, and most prepared student. And the trophy that Professor Keating keeps touting in front of the class? That’s going to be Michaela’s, no doubt about it.

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