Character Recommendations Based on Terry Jeffords

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze Assassin's Creed Series

A little short-tempered, a lot fun-loving

Louisa Clark Me Before You

An outgoing, quirky optimist with a zest for life

Bella Swan Twilight

All-American girl with a talent for getting mixed up in supernatural business

Eragon Eragon

One part brave, three parts fool

Kat Stratford 10 Things I Hate About You

Part of the "out" crowd and proud of it

James T. Kirk Star Trek

He's more than ready to face the final frontier

Chuck Bass Gossip Girl

The charming and intelligent bad boy of the Upper East Side

Oliver Queen Arrow

Billionaire playboy and sharpshooting vigilante

Lucy Lucy

Accessing more than 10 percent of your brain can do strange things to anyone, and Lucy is Exhibit A

Jonas The Giver

Curiosity and compassion aren't always to his advantage