Character Recommendations Based on Doug Quaid

Sally Albright When Harry Met Sally...

High maintenance but she thinks she's low maintenance. Though still worth it

Shotaro Kaneda Akira

Equal parts hotheaded and arrogant, Kaneda is nevertheless fiercely protective of the biker gang he leads

Amy Townsend Trainwreck

Rarely wakes up in the same bed twice

Selene Underworld

A quiet and indefatigable fighter

Bridget Jones Bridget Jones's Diary

Wanton sex goddess, struggling 30-something, and semi-hot mess

Tiffany Maxwell Silver Linings Playbook

Unfiltered young widow battling depression

Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man Series

Talented actress who plays the girl next door on stage and in the dreams of her old pal Peter Parker

Dana Scully The X-Files

FBI skeptic who is sure there's a rational explanation for the paranormal activity she witnesses every week

James T. Kirk Star Trek

He's more than ready to face the final frontier

Fox Mulder The X-Files

Devoted believer in aliens, monsters, and that the truth is out there