Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine

    Cowboy Bebop
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on Earth. Faye spent 54 years in a cryogenic sleep state before waking up in the year 2068, without any memories or records of what happened to her before.

Living… on a spaceship, drifting through the universe. Faye wakes up with an enormous amount of debt and becomes a fugitive on the run, but she's not alone for long. Against her natural instincts, Faye becomes a member of the spaceship Bebop.

Profession… fugitive turned bounty hunter. While on the run, Faye agrees to take up a contract with a casino owner named Gordon, and bumps into young bounty hunter Spike Spiegel. After finding out about the bounty on her head, Spike captures Faye and handcuffs her to the Bebop's toilet on his ship. It seems like the end of the road for Faye, but after a series of misadventures, Faye is grudgingly accepted into the Bebop crew.

Interests… money. Faye will do anything she can for a quick buck, even if it means misleading men with her distractingly good looks.

Relationship Status… single. Faye has no idea what lovers or relationships she had prior to her coma, and now she’s a little too busy to slow down for romance. Sex, on the other hand, is easier. And if her pretty face and skimpy outfit can get her what she wants, then Faye's not afraid to flaunt her good looks.

Challenge… not getting caught or killed. With the massive bounty on her head, Faye spends most of her time lying and escaping capture. Life as a bounty hunter is slightly safer than being a fugitive, but even then, there are plenty of people willing to put a bullet in her.

Personality… dishonest, bold, and sexy. Faye knows she’s attractive, and she often uses her looks to lie, steal, and cheat her way out of sticky situations. Confident and composed, Faye keeps up a lone-wolf facade, but she can get occasionally sentimental about her past and her lost memories. Even at her most vulnerable, however, it's best not to let your guard down – Faye is a tough gal, and she's deadly in a shootout.


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