Sally Albright

Sally Albright

    When Harry Met Sally...
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… at college, as many people do. For Sally, that was at the University of Chicago, where, according to her, she learned far more about the world than about the core academic subjects. Sure, maybe nothing really huge happened to her while she was there, but she spent some memorable nights with Sheldon Gordon.

Living… in New York City, where she moved after college so that her life could truly begin. Though Sally travelled to Manhattan with fellow U. Chicago grad Harry ­– whom she had just met­–, they parted ways after arriving because Harry insisted that men and woman couldn’t be friends. Which was too bad, because he was the only person Sally knew in New York. But, they seem to keep being brought together…

Profession… a journalist at The News. Sally is intelligent, observant, and excited about the world, so she’s definitely in the right profession. Even if Harry insists that nothing will happen to Sally when she’s a journalist, and instead she’ll just “write about things that happen to other people.”

Interests… ordering food to her exact specifications, wearing turtleneck sweaters, and watching Casablanca.

Relationship Status… recently broken up with Joe, her long-term, lawyer boyfriend. They had been living together. Sally says she’s perfectly fine with it – they’d been growing apart for awhile – but she’s truly hurt that he didn’t want to have a family with her.

Challenge… falling love with her soulmate when she already knows all of his flaws. Sally and Harry are clearly meant for each other, but they’ve been friends for so long that Sally knows all of the worst things about Harry, especially when it comes to his dating life. How can she trust him when she can see through all of his little romantic tricks?

Personality… fussy and sensitive, but optimistic. Sally knows exactly what she wants and is determined to get it. Though, when darkness leaks through her bright personality and collides with her idealistic thoughts and plans, Sally has been known to become emotional and full of self-doubt.


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