Character Recommendations Based on Wally Mars

Bran Stark Game of Thrones

A curious, crippled boy whose dreams are even curiouser

Lily Aldrin How I Met Your Mother

A flaky but supportive kindergarten teacher and painter

Lindsay Weir Freaks and Geeks

For now she's a geek, but who knows? Maybe she fits in better with the freaks

Evie O'Connell The Mummy

A librarian and aspiring Egyptologist, Evie would rather have her own adventures than just read about them

Troy Bolton High School Musical

Troy's a triple threat: singing, dancing, and basketball

Quinn Fabray Glee

She can become a monster when there is something she wants

Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible The Incredibles

Ex-superhero now focused on being a dad, but he misses the action

Topanga Lawrence Boy Meets World

Topanga's been a put-together intellectual since basically the moment she could talk

Ted Mosby How I Met Your Mother

Hopelessly romantic architect in search of someone to be the mother of his children

Anger Inside Out

A cantankerous hothead whose job is to get others riled up