Character Recommendations Based on Ice Cube

Major Marquis Warren The Hateful Eight

A talkative, sharp-eyed, and cold-hearted Civil War soldier-turned-bounty hunter

Edward Nygma Gotham

Edward is insanely good at his job. Emphasis on the "insane"

Enchantress Suicide Squad

It turns out breaking open an ancient cursed statue will do funny things to a girl

Basil Hallward Dorian Gray

Dominated, soul, brain, and power by Dorian

Elton John Rocketman

The road to stardom is a rocky ride

Esmeralda The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Her street wisdom is unparalleled

Sydney Bristow Alias

Kick-ass double agent on a mission for revenge

Khan Noonien Singh Star Trek Into Darkness

Super strong, super smart, and out for revenge

Bernard Black Black Books

Lazy, cynical, misanthropic – Bernard is the ultimate curmudgeon

Zeratul StarCraft

Cryptic, mystic, and not to be messed with