Claire Standish

Claire Standish

    The Breakfast Club
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Growing Up… with money. Her parents spoil her, and everyone knows it. If you can’t figure it out by her expensive earrings or chic sushi lunch, just wait until she starts talking, and you’ll know all about Claire’s posh upbringing.  

Living… in Shermer, Ill., at the end of her high school career, when going to class becomes almost optional in her mind. She’s the popular girl at school, and she doesn’t consider the kinds of social clubs that she’s part of the same as academic clubs or anything lame like that. She thinks she’s above everyone else, and this is her biggest problem.

Visiting... detention on a Saturday with four “normal” kids who are mostly below her status, with the possible exception of the jock, Andrew Clark. She probably wouldn’t even look twice at most of these kids in the hallway on a typical day. Claire doesn’t mean that to sound harsh; it’s just the reality.

Interests… dancing, fashion, and upsetting her parents as much as possible. She also has a special thing for lipstick; she can even apply lipstick with her breasts, an odd but strangely appealing talent that she decides to show everyone in detention.

Relationship Status… single. She’s not really into anyone right now. But she’s always sorta looking for someone who will freak out her parents, someone who isn’t supposedly “good enough” for her. The “criminal” John Bender could certainly qualify.

Challenge… being herself. Claire wants to break out and be loved for who she is, but it gets harder and harder as the shackles of the high school social structure continue to weigh down on her. She lives in a world where social cliques decide who you are, and where the only place that people of different social groups actually intersect is here in detention. This may be a therapeutic experience for all involved.

Personality… stylish, snobbish, and spoiled. It’s a time in her life when looks mean almost everything, and status makes up for just about everything else. But she’s about to learn that status isn’t everything, and who you think you are can easily change over the course of one long day…


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