T'Challa / Black Panther

T'Challa / Black Panther

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... happily and royally. Heir to the Wakandan throne, Prince T’Challa grew up in a loving home with his father King T’Chaka, his mother Queen Ramonda, and his little sister Princess Shuri.

Living... proudly, in Wakanda. Though the rest of the world thinks it’s just a poor African country, Wakanda is secretly the most technologically advanced nation on Earth.

Visiting... anywhere in the world. As Wakandan royalty, T’Challa regularly makes diplomatic visits around the world. Meanwhile, his role as the superhero protector Black Panther also sends him off on international missions, including occasionally teaming up with other superheroes.

Profession... superhero and king. Needless to say, T’Challa has a lot on his plate. He’s already spent years working as Wakanda’s superpowered protector, Black Panther, but when his father is killed, T’Challa inherits the role of Wakandan king as well. It’s a lot for one man to handle. Good thing he has strong allies on his side, including his bodyguard Okoye and his brilliant little sister Shuri, who serves as his tech support.

Interests... enjoying Wakandan culture, teasing Shuri, spending time with his family.

Relationship Status... still in love with his ex. Though T’Challa and his Wakandan secret agent girlfriend Nakia eventually settled on just being friends, he still freezes up whenever he sees her. T’Challa may be Wakanda’s most eligible bachelor, but it’s pretty clear he’s only got eyes for one woman.

Challenge... doing right by Wakanda. T’Challa’s loyalty is first and foremost to his people, both as their king and as their superhero. But it isn’t always easy to know the right path forward. Some want to protect Wakanda’s secrecy at all costs, while others believe the country has a duty to use its advancements to help others around the world. As T’Challa sees it, “I am not king of all people. I am king of Wakanda. And it is my responsibility to make sure our people are safe.” Yet his duties become even more difficult when he’s challenged by Erik Killmonger—a mysterious American with a connection to Wakanda, who has some very different ideas about how the country should be run.

Personality... responsible and regal. T’Challa has a warm sense of humor with those closest to him, but for the most part he projects a calm, dignified demeanor worthy of a king. T’Challa’s deeply passionate about protecting his people, but he’s much more of a stoic, strategic royal than a hotheaded superhero. As T’Challa tells his father, “I want to be a great king, Baba. Just like you.”


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