Character Recommendations Based on Homer H. Hickam Jr.

Jackie Brown Jackie Brown

Not your everyday flight attendant

Simon Belmont Castlevania

A vampire hunter bravely carrying on the family business

Burton Guster Psych

A level-headed investigator with a "Super Sniffer" nose

Astrid Hofferson How to Train Your Dragon

She's got it all – brains, brawn, and some killer braids

Ginko Mushishi

This laid-back wanderer has an empathetic, open-minded worldview

Annie Hall Annie Hall

Flighty, cool style icon

Brandon Teena Boys Don't Cry

An adventurous young man with the courage to be himself

Link The Legend of Zelda

A simple village boy who's a budding hero

Gregor Samsa The Metamorphosis

An ordinary man in an abnormal predicament

Anna Frozen

Not even a closed door will deter this eternal optimist