Tony Montana

Tony Montana

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Miami, with his fellow Cuban refugees. The immigration department wants him to go back, but Tony's stuck on staying – he’s a political prisoner and he just wants his "'Human Rights' just like President Jimmy Carter says, okay?"

Profession… cocaine smuggler. Forget the menace to society junk: “it's the bankers and the politicians who want to keep the coke illegal so's they can make more money and get the votes to fight the bad guys. They're the bad guys.”  Tony might be a drug dealer, but he's unashamed of it. And he's got big plans, too: he’s gonna wipe out all his competitors and be King Cocaine.

Interests… helping his mother and his sister Gina. Despite his job, Tony cares about his family. He bought Gina a beauty parlor, and he wants his mom to be comfortable now that he’s finally somebody. But his mom's not taking his money. Tony might tell her he’s working with an anti-Castro group, but she doesn't buy it.

Relationship Status… finished. Tony's married to Elvira, but ever since she's become a junkie, he can't stand to even look at her anymore. All Elvira does these days is get high and sleep; she won't even go near him, much less love him.

Challenge… staying on top. The life of a mob boss isn't easy: Tony's losing people every day, and he doesn’t trust anyone. But he's keeping at it. As Tony knows, in America, "first you gotta get the money, then you get the power, and when you got the power, then you get the women – then, Chico, you got the world by the balls." That's what Tony wants, and he won't settle for anything less. But when you're on top, it seems the whole world just wants to see you fall.

Personality… ambitious and hot-tempered, but not heartless. Tony is made up of extremes, but in his line of work, he needs to be. While he knows his live hard, die fast attitude can only end with his body in a coffin, Tony doesn't let it bother him too much. He lives in the moment, and that's what counts.


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