Character Recommendations Based on Ivan Vanko / Whiplash

Cyclops X-Men Series

His eyes miraculously shoot powerful beams of energy

Thanos Guardians of the Galaxy

An intergalactic warlord, on the hunt for infinite power

Harvey Dent / Two-Face The Dark Knight

Both a noble district attorney and a psychopathic villain, Harvey Dent proves some men really can have it all

Katana Suicide Squad

A quiet killer with a fierce blade

Ancient One Doctor Strange

Master of magic and defender of Earth

Domino Deadpool

Phenomenally lucky—and, yes, that's a superpower

Luis Ant-Man

Deliverer of silver linings and long-winded stories

Bane The Dark Knight

A cruel supervillain born and raised in the darkness

Deadshot Suicide Squad

This master marksman may be a villain, but his motives aren't quite as selfish as they seem

Alfred Pennyworth Gotham

Lethal, but loyal. Just the sort of butler you'd want in dangerous Gotham