Character Recommendations Based on Therese Belivet

Nancy Wheeler Stranger Things

Popular but independent, sheltered but gutsy

Martha Jones Doctor Who

A compassionate medical student who has found a Doctor she can really look up to

Padme Amidala Star Wars Series

Young but mature queen tasked with combating intergalactic trade disputes

Sansa Stark Game of Thrones

She's a fan of all things pretty. Unfortunately, life is about to get extremely ugly

Jackie Brown Jackie Brown

Not your everyday flight attendant

Arwen The Lord of the Rings

Headstrong, persuasive, and confident, Arwen will only do what she feels is right

Hushpuppy Beasts of the Southern Wild

A miniature force of nature

Annie Hall Annie Hall

Flighty, cool style icon

Brandon Teena Boys Don't Cry

An adventurous young man with the courage to be himself