Amy Antsler

Amy Antsler


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... with her best friend Molly Davidson. They’ve been a dynamic duo ever since childhood.

Living... in Los Angeles, with her two endlessly supportive parents. Soft-spoken Doug and Charmaine want their daughter to feel supported and empowered in all of her choices, especially her sexual orientation.

Profession... stellar high school student. Her GPA is second only to Molly. She got into Columbia University and she’s going to spend her post-grad summer in Botswana, helping women make their own tampons.

Interests... social justice, Ken Burns documentaries, and The New York Times crossword puzzle.

Relationship Status... crushing on a girl named Ryan. Though Amy has been out of the closet for a while now, she’s yet to actually kiss a girl. In fact, she’s too nervous to even talk to her effortlessly cool dream girl.

Challenge... breaking the rules for once. Amy and Molly dedicated themselves to school in order to ensure they made it into great colleges. But when Molly discovers that their more lackadaisical classmates also got into impressive schools, she realizes she and Amy did high school all wrong. The night before graduation is their last chance to say they both studied and partied in high school. And while Amy isn’t quite as eager to go wild as Molly, she’s interested in getting her first kiss—and maybe more—with Ryan. Now she and Molly just need someone to tell them the address of the big graduation party.

Personality... principled, organized, and anxious. Though Amy is a radical, progressive thinker when it comes to her social and political beliefs, she tends to stick to what she knows in her personal life. She prefers her safe, cozy routine and gets anxious when she steps outside her comfort zone. As she unconvincingly argues, “Name one person whose life was so much better because they broke a couple of rules.” She can sometimes seem meek or cowardly, but when it comes to standing up for her best friend, there’s nothing Amy wouldn’t do. Now she just needs to learn to stand up for herself in the same way.


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