Therese Belivet

Therese Belivet

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in New York in 1952. Therese has a modest Manhattan walk-up apartment that’s so small that she brushes her teeth in the kitchen. But, it’s her space and she’s happy in it.

Profession… shop girl at Frankenberg’s department store. It’s Christmastime and so the store is especially busy with all kinds of interesting people buying presents. Really, Therese wants to be a professional photographer, but she just needs to build up the confidence to pursue that goal.

Interests… taking photos and playing the piano. Therese goes to bars and parties with her friends, but even in a group she’s usually pretty quiet.

Relationship Status… dating a man named Richard, but not happy with him. He wants to marry her, but something about it doesn’t feel right to Therese. A beautiful woman named Carol left her gloves at Frankenberg’s, and ever since then Therese can’t stop thinking about her…  

Challenge… figuring out who she is and what she wants. She’s spent her life letting other people guide her along, and she wants to take control now. But, it’s hard learning to discern what her desires actually are after such a long time of saying yes to everything.

Personality… quiet, introspective, and ethereal. Therese has always had a gentle demeanor, but that is breaking through to show the integrity of spirit and strength she has underneath. Therese is learning how to take charge of her life in small, but powerful, ways.


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