Kayla Day

Kayla Day

    Eighth Grade
Photo Credit: Sundance Institute

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... with her single dad in the suburbs. Kayla loves her dad, but he can be kind of embarrassing, and it doesn’t feel like he actually understands what she’s going through. In fact, it often seems like Kayla is living in the virtual world of her phone as much as she’s living in the real world.

Profession... student. Kayla’s just finishing up the last week of eighth grade. Though adult stuff seems to be coming faster and faster, for the most part Kayla still feels like a nervous little kid. and YouTube vlogger, although the latter is more of a hobby than a job. Kayla’s videos barely get any views, but she still regularly uploads messages about the importance of positivity and self-confidence. Too bad she has trouble practicing what she preaches.

Interests... social media, YouTube, and Rick & Morty.

Relationship Status... painfully in love. Aiden is the bad boy of her middle school and Kayla is totally, helplessly in love with him. She’s way too nervous to actually talk to him, but she desperately wishes she could change herself into the kind of girl Aiden would fall for.

Challenge... finding her voice. Kayla is mortified to win the “Most Quiet” superlative at school, and she wishes she could express herself in real life with the same confidence she does on YouTube. Unfortunately, her anxiety usually gets the better of her. With high school just around the corner, however, Kayla’s determined to gain confidence and finally step outside her comfort zone. She’s just got to figure out how to do that while staying true to who she is. As she observes, “Being yourself can be hard.”

Personality... shy, anxious, and brimming with inner thoughts. As Kayla puts it in one of her videos, “I don’t talk a lot at school, but if people talk to me and stuff, they’d find out that I’m, like, really funny and cool and talkative.” Though she may have trouble expressing it, deep down Kayla is thoughtful, caring, smart, and totally unique.


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