Character Recommendations Based on Jimmy Dugan

Henry Mills Once Upon a Time

An idealistic young boy with the heart of the truest believer

Claire Temple Daredevil

Dedicated nurse providing secret care to New York's vigilantes

Chuck Bartowski Chuck

Sweet, laid-back electronics store/top secret government employee

Audrey Horne Twin Peaks

She may seem inquisitive and charming, but Audrey can turn on a dime

Lloyd Dobler Say Anything

Kickboxer wearing his heart on his sleeve who would do anything for the woman he loves

Lucas Sinclair Stranger Things

When his friend goes missing, he's ready to fight

Alex Danvers Supergirl

Fiercely loyal to those she loves, Alex isn't afraid to make tough choices and strike decisive blows when necessary

Max Payne Max Payne

Too focused on avenging the past to plan for the future

Sydney Bristow Alias

Kick-ass double agent on a mission for revenge

Peter Pevensie The Chronicles of Narnia

Shows as much courage as a child king as he did under The Blitz of London