Bertie Wooster
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Bertie Wooster

Jeeves and Wooster

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About Him

Grew Up… in a moneyed, noble family. He was born Bertram Wilberforce Wooster, but goes by “Bertie” with his pals (most of whom are old school friends). As for his middle name – he owes that to a racehorse that Bertie’s father won money on shortly before his birth.

Living… alone in a lavish London apartment. He is waited on by his manservant, Jeeves, who is a great friend and invaluable resource to Bertie. Jeeves isn’t always able to keep Bertie entirely out of trouble, but he certainly does a good bit of damage control. Though outwardly Bertie’s life appears to be one of ease and luxury, the mix-ups and general nonsense that seem to follow him keep him more than busy enough. 

Profession… young gentleman and member of the idle rich. Being independently wealthy, however, does have its responsibilities. There are the social engagements, his scheming aunts, and the unsavory prospect of marriage.

Interests… the latest fashions and music. In his downtime Bertie enjoys tickling the ivories to tunes that are à la mode at his social club, the Drones.

Relationship Status… single, and set upon from all sides. Bertie is happy in the single life and can’t see much reason for bringing that happiness to a premature close.

Challenge… avoiding marriage and entanglement in the complicated schemes of his tiresome aunts. Bur really, all things considered, Bertie has quite a pleasant life. Though he is subject to being seized by his own flights of fancy. He once tells Jeeves, “You know, I wish I had a daughter. I wonder what the procedure is?”

Personality… decent, upstanding, and helpful, if not overly bright. Bertie sees the best in others and is always ready to lend a hand, giving a smile and a “What ho!” He’s an optimist, and as such things often tend to work out for the best. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s rich – and that he has Jeeves in his corner.

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