Character Recommendations Based on Jeremy Reed

Brittany Pierce Glee

This childlike space cadet has a surprisingly open-minded spirit

Harvey Dent / Two-Face The Dark Knight

Both a noble district attorney and a psychopathic villain, Harvey Dent proves some men really can have it all

Mitchell Pritchett Modern Family

Mitchell prefers to have a place for everything and everything in its place

Schmidt New Girl

Underneath his preening narcissist exterior, Schmidt is, well, still kind of a preening narcissist. But he has a good heart too

Creed Bratton The Office

Truly strange man with a mysterious past and an inscrutable blog

Bane The Dark Knight

A cruel supervillain born and raised in the darkness

Alex Dunphy Modern Family

An overachiever in every sense of the word, Alex's self-reliant intelligence comes with a healthy dash of sarcasm

Quinn Fabray Glee

She can become a monster when there is something she wants

Terry Jeffords Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Terry (and his muscles) may look ferocious, but inside he's just a caring mama hen

Rachel Berry Glee

As high-strung as she is talented, Rachel both marches and sings to the beat of her own drum