Character Recommendations Based on Cosima Niehaus

Sylar Heroes

On his way to gathering all the power in the world

Liz Lemon 30 Rock

Lover of comedy, geek stuff, and night cheese

Satine Moulin Rouge

How much will she have to sacrifice to be a star?

Gregor Samsa The Metamorphosis

An ordinary man in an abnormal predicament

Nicky Nichols Orange Is The New Black

Might seem tough, but she just wants a little love

Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones

Society treats her like property, but she's determined to start asserting her own power

Arya Stark Game of Thrones

A strong, independent girl living in a world where women are oft relegated to the sidelines

Jack Room

His big imagination is never limited by his incredibly cramped surroundings

Jane Villanueva Jane the Virgin

Smart, kind, hardworking, and an unexpectedly pregnant virgin

Emily Fields Pretty Little Liars

Though athletic and popular, the sensitive Emily's heart is frequently broken