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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… on the run with wanted fugitive Dominic Cobb. If the Fischer job is a success, Cobb can finally return home. All Arthur and Cobb must do is accomplish what was thought to be impossible – perform inception. Meaning, they must implant a memory in a target’s mind via the dream world.

Profession… “point man” in the criminal world of dream sharing. If Cobb is in charge of the planning for “extractions” of information from people’s subconscious, then Arthur makes sure that the execution of these strategies is flawless. Sometimes others think Arthur is being nitpicky, but his job as point man requires him to troubleshoot the team’s grand schemes.

Interests… exchanging dry remarks with Eames, fighting in zero gravity against a dozen armed men, and dressing sharp (his suits are quite dapper).

Challenge… artificially implanting an idea into Robert Fischer’s subconscious. Luckily, he and Cobb are not alone in this challenge. The talented team consists of the sarcastic but skilled forger Eames, architect student and newbie to the business Ariadne, chemist Yusuf, and their employer Saito. Now Arthur just has to ensure that everybody makes it out alive to reap the rewards.

Personality… logical, meticulous, and lethally competent. Eames says of Arthur: “Ah, he’s the best. But he has no imagination.” While he may not be known for expansive creativity like some of the other members of the team, Arthur is no slouch in deriving inventive solutions. At times, his desire for technical perfection causes him to come off to people (especially Eames) as overly critical or controlling. Presumably, Arthur relaxes on his own time, when not being attacked by militant dream projections and attempting to protect his team members through three levels of the dream world.  


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