Juno MacGuff

Juno MacGuff

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Dancing Elk, Minnesota. Juno’s parents divorced when she was young, leaving her to be raised by her father and stepmother. So now she is living in her father’s cluttered house with her stepmother and three half-siblings.

Profession… high school student. Juno’s wit clearly reveals that she’s an intelligent girl, but she doesn’t lose too much sleep over her studies. Not that anyone could blame her – now that she’s pregnant she has bigger problems.

Interests… playing the guitar, gory horror movies, old punk rock, and hamburger phones. Juno has an eclectic array of interests that don’t follow any real rhyme or reason.

Relationship Status… single, but pregnant. It started as just another boring afternoon with her longtime friend, Paulie Bleaker. The pair was trying to find something to watch on TV, but decided that it would be more interesting to take each other’s virginity. The casual tryst takes on new, troublesome dimensions when Juno discovers that she’s carrying Paulie’s child.

Challenge… muddling through nine months of pregnancy as a teenage girl. After much deliberation Juno decided that she wants to give her baby up for adoption, and is carrying the child to term so she can give it to the Lorings – an almost aggressively perfect couple. As the seasons change and Juno’s belly swells, she’ll have to deal with the usual pitfalls of pregnancy (cravings, cramps, constant scrutiny, ETC.) as well as struggle to ensure that the Lorings are providing the kind of home that they’ve promised for her baby.

Personality… rebellious and sarcastic, yet strangely charming. Juno has the kind of paradoxical magnetism that comes from not caring what other people think of her. She’s individualistic and impulsive, and often speaks without thinking. Fortunately, she is evidently good-natured, which causes most people to give her a pass even when she says something incredibly inappropriate. Juno’s penchant for trendy slang and over exaggeration can often make her seem immature, but beneath her flippant exterior is an intelligent and responsible girl.


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