Character Recommendations Based on Galina Reznikov

Dipper Pines Gravity Falls

Investigating a truly strange town during the world's wildest summer vacation

Jonas The Giver

Curiosity and compassion aren't always to his advantage

Sadness Inside Out

She's mostly doom and gloom, but you’d get nowhere without her

Holly Golightly Breakfast at Tiffany's

Holly spends so much time trying to be other people's dream girl, she doesn't really know what kind of girl she actually is

Belle Beauty and the Beast

Bookworm with a big heart and big ideas

Mega Man Mega Man

A courageous boy robot dedicated to achieving everlasting peace

Jenna Rink 13 Going on 30

Physically 30, emotionally 13. But she has a better excuse than most

Hugh Glass The Revenant

A rugged frontiersman and consummate survivor whose relationship with the natural world is downright spiritual

Ash Ketchum Pokemon

He's gotta catch 'em all

Buzz Lightyear Toy Story

Impulsive spaceman who won't be convinced he's a toy