Jenna Hamilton

Jenna Hamilton

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Palos Hills, California, with her parents, Lacey and Kevin, who try to be Jenna's friends more than her parents. Jenna's mom, who is a bombshell, often tries to spruce up Jenna's looks and make her “cooler.”

Profession... student at Palos Hills High School. With vicious enemies like Sadie Saxton and Lissa Miller on her back, Jenna sticks to her small clique of best friends, Tamara Kaplan and Ming Huang. In addition, she finds an ally in a quirky guidance counselor, Valerie Marks, who tries to be a buddy to the students and ends up receiving more advice than she offers.

Interests... blogging. A talented writer, Jenna pours out her heart and thoughts on an online blog.

Relationship Status... it's complicated. During summer camp before sophomore year, Jenna loses her virginity to resident heartthrob Matty McKibben. Unfortunately, her dreams of taking their relationship to another level are dashed when Matty shies away from being seen with her at school. As her best friend, Tamara, reminds her, “guys like Matty don't go for girls like us.” Even so, Jenna's sudden status at school opens up her dating pool beyond Matty, including Jake Rosati, Matty's best friend.

Challenge... managing her newfound visibility. After getting her heart broken by Matty and receiving a scathing letter listing her shortcomings, a random series of unfortunate events makes it seem like Jenna attempted to commit suicide. Suddenly everyone is looking her way, and Jenna realizes that sometimes, if you can't beat them, you might as well join them.

Personality... sarcastic, empathetic, and brave. Slowly conquering the imperfections mentioned in the letter – after all, “It was the truth and the truth hurt” – Jenna struggles to stand up for herself and realize her worth. She remarks that “for once, I wouldn't be overlooked,” and sure enough, Jenna is faced with more drama in a semester than she'd ever faced before. Thankfully, she’s got her sense of humor and loved ones to get her through the endless torture that is high school.


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