Character Recommendations Based on Boyd Crowder

Flynn Rider Tangled

So charismatic, you might not mind when he steals from you

Ash Ketchum Pokemon

He's gotta catch 'em all

Augustus Waters The Fault in Our Stars

Charming and confident, Gus lives in fear of never leaving a lasting mark on the world

Kaname Kuran Vampire Knight

This powerful pureblood vampire believes in aristocratic values and strict discipline

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Series

Easygoing defense attorney who is rarely defensive

R Warm Bodies

Sweet. For a zombie

Ponyo Ponyo

Bubbly, honest, and a bit naïve, this goldfish princess follows her dreams wherever they lead her

Elsa Frozen

This ice queen needs to learn to let it go

Neville Longbottom Harry Potter Series

Neville may be timid, but his heart is always in the right place

Joey Tribbiani Friends

A friendly guy who loves women and sandwiches