Kaname Kuran

Kaname Kuran

    Vampire Knight

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… a long, long time ago. Kaname is one of the founders of the Kuran family, an ancient line of Pureblood vampires.

Living… at Cross Academy, a private school run by Kaien Cross. Kaname and Kaien co-founded the school as an experiment to see if humans and vampires can live side by side. But most of the human students still don’t know that their classmates are vampires.

Profession… student. Technically, anyway. He attends classes with his vampire peers. But Kaname is vampire aristocracy, and his real job is keeping the vampire students in line, preventing them from feeding off the humans.

Interests… few. Apparently Kaname’s magical powers are so great that if he allows his mind to wander, he might accidentally hurt someone. So, usually he’s all business.

Relationship Status… single. Kaname is immensely protective of a human student named Yuki Cross, the adopted daughter of Kaien, the headmaster. While Kaname is usually stern, he’s strangely forgiving when it comes to Yuki. For Yuki’s part, she remembers Kaname saving her from vampires when she was little, and so looks up to him.

Challenge… controlling vampires and protecting Yuki. While Kaname has a great deal of power, there are forces that conspire to ruin the truce that he and Kaien have built.

Personality… reserved, noble, and dangerous. Kaname’s demeanor is usually very calm and aristocratic. But he knows who’s in charge and he’s not afraid to enforce the rules, or enact strict discipline. Around Yuki, though, he softens and become warm and indulgent, which makes the other vampire students uncomfortable.


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